Neurology Physiotherapy Services in Subiaco

We take a holistic approach to Neurological management by focusing the individual’s specific limitations such as sensory-motor control, balance and stability, that may be affecting one’s function. Our neurological physiotherapy goal is to enhance movement recovery and promote task-specific training using evidence-based principles of management.

If you have a neurological deficit that may be impairing your function, an appropriate problem-solving approach to assessment and treatment can be very beneficial to aid your rehabilitation.

Neuro physiotherapy for rehabilitation uses treatment strategies for common neurological conditions, such as stroke, brain haemorrhage, Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, paraesthesia, muscle atrophy, peripheral neuropathies, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

We require an Initial Consultation to provide your physiotherapist with an in-depth history of your condition, a current level of function and goals to customise your rehabilitation management and program. This will be able to be claimed on private health rebates or through the NDIS.

Help You Need When You Need It

Our patient-centred and holistic approach to Physiotherapy means we have a strong connection with our patients, and individually tailor treatment programs to deliver the best outcomes throughout your recovery process.