Remedial Massage Services in Subiaco

A remedial massage at Bodyworks Subiaco will be individualised to suit your problem and pain management. We will address any areas you are having particular trouble or tightness in. Our Remedial and Bowen Massage Therapists offer a professional massage service to all our customers, using a range of techniques and methods to treat our patients physically and mentally.

We have two types of remedial massage services:

Remedial Massage: For those seeking a full body, deep tissue massage. Our therapists work closely with you to tend any aches and pains you may be experiencing and release tight or tense muscles.

Pregnancy Massage: Pregnancy can be an amazing yet hard time for Mums-to-be, you will be experiencing many physical, emotional and hormonal changes which can result in muscle tension and joint pain.

With an expert understanding of how your hormones and emotions can impact your physical wellbeing, our practitioners are able to work with you to alleviate many of the discomforts that come with being pregnant.

Help You Need When You Need It

Our patient-centred and holistic approach to Physiotherapy means we have a strong connection with our patients, and individually tailor treatment programs to deliver the best outcomes throughout your recovery process.