Hamstring Tendinopathy


I’m sure I’m not the only one who is being drawn to the outdoors by the sunshine and fresh air. We often look towards our hamstring length (which for majority of us is less than optimal!) and what stretches we can do, but today I wanted to explore a condition called hamstring tendinopathy which affects many people, especially those who do a lot of running, jumping or kicking activities.

Hamstring tendinopathy is a repetitive or overuse injury that causes inflammation and pain in the tendon. Pain will be felt at the base of your bottom near your sit bone where the hamstring tendon originates. If this isn’t managed in the early stages, it can become chronic. This will mean that sitting, something most people do to relax will be one of the major causes of pain and discomfort.

Once diagnosed by a physiotherapist, hamstring tendinopathy resolves through the combination of hands on physiotherapy treatment and a graded rehabilitation program. Since this condition is often contributed to by poor biomechanics, Pilates is an effective way to regain your everyday function. By improving core stabilization and strengthening hamstrings in their lengthened position. Research shows that isometric and eccentric strengthening is necessary for tendon healing, and for preventing future injuries. Always aim for good control through range rather than just a stretch.

Christina James


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